Tax contribution as an act of social citizenship, as a measure of the public good, as virtue. The concept of virtue has been erased from the Canadian political discourse. Our political leaders have not yet caught up with citizens on this value, but our history is rich with the sensibility that governments are more than cashiers handing out cash discounts at the till. And that we, the citizens of Canada, are more than consumers. Our true power is greater than the size of our individual wallets.
— Trish Hennessy, “Passing on the Torch”, from The Great Revenue Robbery, Between The Lines.
Canada is a test case for a grand notion – the notion that dissimilar peoples can share lands, resources, power and dreams while respecting and sustaining their differences. The story of Canada is the story of many such peoples, trying and failing and trying again, to live together in peace and harmony. But there cannot be peace or harmony unless there is justice.
— Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, page ix,A Word From Commissioners.

It’s natural to reject inequality.


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Those in earlier generations who intended the benefits of education for me did not intend them any less for my great-grandchildren. But the new ideology seems to assume that the public as such cannot legitimately own anything or obligate the living to anything.
Marilynne Robinson
The future results from the choices we will make, individually and collectively. Some of these we can foresee, some will be unexpected. But until the moment of decision arrives we do not know how we will decide — let alone how other peoples will decide. Today complacency is a delusion – or an enemy, encouraging us to waste our most valuable resources: time.
Fabius Maximus
There’s something special happening. These days, instead of seeing people who feel defeated and crippled by the news of the day, I see people who are hungry, vibrant and alive. Mischief, fun, tears and responsibility. A generation that has grieved for a false future that was promised to them, and is now ready for the reality that we’ll build together. We’re going to dance on the ashes of old ideas, we’re going to laugh our way into a new kind of power. It’s alchemy, and it’s going to change the world.
— Jamie Biggar, Lead Now
Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.
— Goethe